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The Nervous Laughter consists of band members Steve Hicks;vocals, guitar, harmonica. Ken Groner; guitar, keys, vocals. Brad Nerone;drums, bass guitar, vocals. Gabe Banks; bass guitar, guitar, vocals and Erica Hicks; vocals. The band has gone through several personnel and name changes over the years, starting around the turn of the century. Once called Hicks and Strangers, the core members consisting of Steve, Brad, and Ken, joined forces with Gabe once again to create original music under the moniker "The Nervous Laughter". Another old band-mate, R.V. James joins the group from time to time, lending his drum and percussion skills to the mix and recordings.

 There are new additions to the old lineup too! Robert Cameron has been playing drums with the group since 2019, lending his many years of experience to the band. Local musician, Ross Wheatley recorded the drum track and appeared in the music video for 'Where Were You' (2021). Be sure to watch the video!  A young up-and-coming guitarist, Andrew Bochantin, has been coming to sit in on jam sessions with the band, and we expect you will be hearing more from him soon! And, the newest addition to the mix is Greg Porter. Greg lends his drumming skills to the 2022 release, 'Happy Birthday Jesus', the Nervous Laughter's latest Christmas song!  The body of work that we produce is a group effort, with Steve, Ken, and Brad writing the bulk of the songs. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy making the music! Thank You!  

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Smokehound Sound

Smokehound Sound was created in 2021 to record and promote artists of all genres.Steve Hicks, the founder of Smokehound Sound, has been performing music since 1998.  He has been recording original songs since 2006.  The studio is our space to hang-out and create our art. We are mainly recording music, but are also currently working on a podcast too! We, at Smokehound Sound are open to your ideas. We would love to work with you to capture your creativity in whatever medium that may be.

This website was created to display the original songs of Steve Hicks, along with the musical talents of local bands in and around Southern Illinois. However, should you decide to record with us, and you do not wish to have your work displayed here... No problem. The work is your own to do with as you choose. It will be featured on this site only if you want it to be.

 We do digital recording. The works created can be given to the artist in several formats including mp3, and wav files. Most formats can be emailed, or put on CD or USB drive. We work with software that is compatible with many industry standard programs. So, if we capture an idea that the artist feels they want to take to another studio, [for mixing/mastering etc.]  they can likely do so with no fuss.

 If you, or someone you know, are looking for a place to record, with a laid back atmosphere and an open-minded perspective... please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you! We love music, and being involved in songwriting and producing and engineering.We look forward to working with local artists interested in capturing their ideas for posterity and/or profit. We hope that you would consider embarking on this journey with us! Thanks! 

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Steve Hicks has been performing since 1998. He began recording his original music in 2005/2006 at local studios. Steve has played in many bands and arrangements for years. He developed an interest in the recording process over time, and began recording at his home studio in the 2010s. After many years of working in his home studio, Steve has some great equipment, and it's getting to be more and more all the time. We have moved operations into a larger, more accommodating location in 2020.

 As the founder of Smokehound Sound, Steve intends to promote his own music here, as well as that of other musicians looking to record at his studio. 

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